Abandoned For The Fifth Time, This Pit Bull's Howls Have Finally Been Heard


King's story is one that's truly hard to believe. This gorgeous Pit Bull may only be two years old but he has already been rejected by five different families.Utterly defeated,King, from North Carolina, US, became so depressed he spent days howling into his blanket, reportsThe Dodo.


Source: @SavedbyFlash/Facebook

King's abandonment started from a young age when his original owner dropped him off at a shelter, deciding she didn't want the puppy anymore.Despite knowingthat King would likely be euthanised in a few days for lack of space, she left him there.ButGreater Charlotte SPCAintervened and saved his life. He was then adopted by a young woman, but taken back to the shelter after ten days as her husband thought King looked 'scary'. He was just a Pit Bull with only love to give...The story continues in the same vein, with different excuses each time. Families could no longer afford him, they moved to states where Pit Bulls were banned for being "dangerous breeds"... The list goes on.


Source: @SavedbyFlash/Facebook

At the young age of 2 years old, King had already been abandoned by five different families. And the saddest thing was King had no behavioural issues, he was a perfectly friendly dog.But as he repeatedly returned to shelters and foster care, it was beginning to take a toll on him.Roberta Sà Griner, King's foster mother, said the young Pit Bull began howling in sadness, glued to his blanket:

He's just so insecure now. He just cries. He's become really attached to this blanket, like his security blanket. He just sits, crying into the blanket.


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But when Roberta posted a video of the broken-hearted dog on YouTube, she never expected such a reaction. The world wanted to help King.Among the thousands of animal lovers to message Roberta about adopting King, one man stood out as the best adoptive father for the dog. When the two of them met, they bonded almost immediately, with King bounding up to see him on their second meeting.The excellent news that King had finally found a forever home, and this time a true 'forever' home, was shared onFacebookon April 2:

KING UPDATE, Charlotte, NC:When I shared King’s video of him crying in the blanket his former adopter dumped him with,...Posted by Saved by a Flash on Saturday, 2 April 2016

The shelter volunteers were moved to tears by the dog's eventual adoption, adding:

With tears in our hearts we say good-bye to the hardest foster we had to let go. Today, one of the people who saw King’s video adopted him. King’s adopter met all the requirements we had for King’s future family but most importantly, King picked him as his family! 

The shelter described how happy King was with his new dad, creating a lasting image for us all:

It was amazing to see how King reacted when he saw his dad today, he licked him nonstop. Truly amazing to see as it took a few months for him to do that to us!

Source: @SavedbyFlash/Facebook

King's story reminds us of the injustice of labelling dogs as so-called "dangerous dog breeds". There's no such thing as a bad dog, only bad owners.

Featured image: @SavedbyFlash/Facebook