Abandoned Dog's Claws Were So Long He Couldn't Even Walk


The Trio Animal Foundation(TAF) is situated in Chicago, Illinois. As the team was getting ready for the new year, they received a call about a stray dog who was seen eating garbage on the street. They knew the new year would not start on an easy note.


Source: TAF

Evan, as he was later baptized, was in deplorable condition. His thick, matted fur had been ripped out in chunks from his skin. The exposed skin was covered in sores and he was suffering from frostbite.


Source: TAF

There was a long queue at the veterinary clinic, so the TAF volunteers decided to take the pup back to their shelter. It took them two hours to shave off all his clumped fur and to give him a decent bath.


Source: TAF

Evan had once belonged to somebody, because he was not malnourished, but he had clearly been badly neglected.


Source: TAF

His claws were so long and curled that the poor boy could not walk without being in immense pain.


Source: TAF

TAF wrote on their Facebook page:

Who knows how much longer this poor guy could have lasted outside in the cold or survived in such a dangerous neighborhood. Frank said that he could hear gunfire when he was leaving with Evan. In much of Chicago, it is a sad state of affairs and the animals are suffering just as much as people.

Source: TAF

The vets at TAF estimate that Evan is a 6-7 year-old Poodle mix and all of his tests came back negative for dangerous diseases - it turns out the abandoned pup was perfectly healthy, just neglected and cold.


Source: TAF

The shelter volunteers started trying to find Evan a home after he was shaved, clean, healthy and started to trust humans a little more. They were sharing Facebook posts and photos in the hopes that someone would want to take him home... But luckily, they did not need to search for too long.


Source: TAF

After only a couple of weeks, on January 18, TAF updated their Facebook page saying Evan had found his forever home! They wrote:

After some major TLC and medical care, TAF is happy to announce thatEvan has found his forever home! Evan instantly hit it off with his new brother and fell in love with the rest of the family. In fact, when the adoption was complete, Evan was the first one out the door and he headed straight for his new family’s car. He was not about to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime… his second chance!

Source: TAF

If you live in England, you can visit the RSPCA, and if you live in the United States, you can visit the ASPCA to get more information about pets available for adoption.Tens of thousands of dogs and cats end up in shelters each year, either due to neglect, abuse or abandonment. Consider adopting before you shop, and visit your local shelters before going to a breeder. Every dog and cat deserves a fair chance at a forever home.