Abandoned Dog And Her 15 Puppies Finally Find Help In This War-Torn Country


Mohammad Alaa Jaleel became famous as 'the cat man of Aleppo', Syria.Whencivil war broke out in Syria in 2011, the selfless man decided not to flee, but to stay in the dangerous city of Aleppo, in order to help those in need; including a starving dog and her fifteen puppies in March.


Source: The Aleppo Catman

The cat lover, nicknamed "Alaa" opened an animal sanctuary, called "House of Cats Ernesto", after his own pet. He began to feed and home a handful of the thousands of animals left behind after their owners fled the war-torn country.


Source: REUTERS/Hosam Katan

What started as a small safe haven for around 20 felines, rapidly grew as the war intensified and became home to around 200 cats.


Source: REUTERS/ Hosam Katan

However, his safe haven for abandoned felines was struck by airstrikes in Aleppo on November 16, 2016, and was reduced to rubble. The generous man was forced to flee his home.


Source: The Aleppo Catman

He took refuge in Turkey for some months but has since returned to Syria, keen to restart his charitable work.Alaa refused to give up and has begun to rebuild his sanctuary, determined to do all he can to help animals in need.


Source: The Aleppo Catman

In late March, 'the cat man' of Aleppo proved that he is open to helping more than just felines, and adopted a large canine family.He found the abandoned dogs only ten minutes away from his new fledgling sanctuary.

Source: The Aleppo Catman

Despite already having a number of animals to care for, Alaa knew he had to help the young canines, and has started to bring them food every day while he rebuilds his animal shelter.The puppies, their mother, and many other animals are getting stronger and healthier every day thanks to the generosity and love of one kind man.


Source: The Aleppo Catman

Alaa is also campaigning to save the last animals of the Aalim al-Sahar Zoo, which have been abandoned and left to starve.To support Alaa and help him to continue his amazing work, you can request to join his Facebook group and make a donation, here.

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