Abandoned Again And Again For Being "Too Nice", This Dog Is Looking For Her Final Home

When somebody makes the difficult decision to return a dog they've adopted, it's usually because they don't feel capable of dealing with its agressive or even dangerous behaviour.

But Spot was brought back to the shelter by her initial master for a very different reason: her master could no longer stand the dog's "excessive" kindness.


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Deanne Schmidt, adoptions coordinator for the Pennsylvania SPCA was very confused:

Her adopter said that she was too sweet, wanted to cuddle, be nearby, and was too friendly and affectionate. When it was time to go to bed, she wanted to come upstairs with him, but he wanted her to stay downstairs and guard the house instead.

So though Spot was of course still an adorable little dog, full of life and in perfect health, she had to return to the packed shelter she came from in 2010.

Unlucky is the only way to describe Spot: after that, the dog was adopted twice more by families who ended up returning her too, though this time because of personal financial difficulties.

After this, a loving family adopted and took care of her for about five years, until serious medical complications forced them to get rid of the dog, who was by now quite old, though still very gentle. Deanne remembers:

Spot was returned with only positive things said about her, that she is very loving, loves attention. And has lived peacefully in a home with a cat.


Source : @Facebook

Though the Pennsylvania SPCA is looking after the dog very well and trying to give her as much attention as they can, you can't help but feel deep sympathy for her situation, as well as a certain level of disgust that being "too kind" is her only fault.

The now six-year-old Spot is still looking for a family who will hopefully take her in for good. Deanne insists that the pup will do really well with absolutely anybody and in any situation, as long as she gets some much-deserved attention.


Source : @Facebook

If nothing else, this sad story is a reminder that dogs, just like their human counterparts, each have a unique personality and temperament. Adopting an animal means accepting who he is, as much as you can. And trying to force a dog into meeting your own needs or desires will do more harm than good.

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