A Young Matador Was Just Gored In The Middle Of A Bullfight

It's another affair relaunching the debate on the absurdity and horror of bull fighting. On Sunday, April 2, Daniel Garcia Navarrete, a 23-year-old matador from Spain, was severely injured during a fight in Madrid, in the famous Las Ventas arena.(Caution: graphic images.)


Source: Europa Press via Getty Images

As he planted his sword in the bull's back, thematador was thrown off balance by the 1000 pound animal. Once he was on the ground, the bull struck him several times in the thigh and neck with his horns.


Source: Europa Press via Getty Images

In the graphic images, Daniel Garcia Navarrette protects his face with his hands during the attack.https://twitter.com/telediario_tve/status/848619983592538112?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.lefigaro.fr%2Fflash-actu%2F2017%2F04%2F03%2F97001-20170403FILWWW00285-un-matador-espagnol-encorne-a-la-gorge.phpThe young man was immediately taken to the hospital, in front of the shocked crowd. According to the Spanish paperEl Pais, the animal's horn just missed the carotid artery and caused an injury six inchesdeep on the neck and four inches deep on the thigh.

However, the matador's life isn't in danger. He even shared a photo of his recovery on his Facebook page. In the caption accompanying the image, Daniel Garcia Navarrette thanked "his large bullfighting family" for the support.This new accident follows the death of the Spanish bullfighter Vitor Barrio, killed by a violent horn attack through the thorax in Augut.

Source: toroalcaria

While no one should take any pleasurefrom these tragic accidents, they should invite everyone to recognize that it's time to end this barbarity, which costs the lives of 250,000 bulls every year.To support the fight to end bullfighting, you can support Humane Society Internationalwho actively fights against the practice. You can also check out their list, here, for other actions you can take.

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