A Woman Is Paying The Adoption Fees For 900 Animals So They Can Find A Family Before Christmas


The end of the year holiday season is a time offamily gatherings. For Kim Pacini-Hauch, a resident of Sacramento, California, animals also deserve to a warm, loving home for Christmas.That's why the American business woman, in an incredible act of generosity, decided to pay all of the adoption fees during the month of December for all the animals in theFront Street Animal Shelterlocated in Sacramento.


Source: Front Street Animal Shelter

At this establishment, the fees, which include taxes, vaccination, sterilization, and identification, vary between $65-85.KimPacini-Hauch decided to cover this cost for each of the 900 animals in the overfilled shelter.Thanks to her gesture, Kim hopes to boost the number of cats and dogs who find a family, and therefor won't have to spend the holidays alone in their cages.The members of the refuge puplished on their Facebook page to thank her:

An incredibly generous woman is paying for every animal to be adopted so they can have homes by Christmas! Please help us thank Kim Pacini-Hauch for her tremendous act of kindness. 

Source: Front Street Animal Shelter

The residents of the region who wish to adopt are invited to come pick up the new furry friend of their choice, without any fees, to welcome him or her into their family.No surprise, the day after the announcement was published, 250 people were waiting in live infront of the shelter. By the afternoon, 20 dogs and 20 cats were already adopted.The employees of the refuge still insist that adopting a dog or cat is not something to take lightly, and still requires a financial investment. Animals should not be adopted on a whim to act as a Christmas present without being sure that they can take care of them.The association will not be lowering the criteria for those looking to adopt, but saving the adoption fees will surely cause many who were considering adoption to take the plunge.Meanwhile, the Californian volunteers are crossing their fingers that the shelter will be empty by December 25. We are too.


Source: Front Street Animal Shelter