A Woman Gets The Surprise Of Her Life After Picking Up A Cooler Left On The Side Of The Road

Andrea A.

When a resident of Sulphur Springs, Texas stopped to pickup an abandoned cooler on the side of the road, she never imagined what she would find inside reportsThe Dodo.


Source: Hunt County Pet Alive

Upon lifting the lid, she discovered nine puppies, covered in urine and excrement, but very much alive. The American immediately called Sulphur Springs Animal Control, who then contacted Karri McCreary, veterinarian with the clinicVet Ranchand volunteer for the organizationHunt County Pet Alive. She confides:

Someone must have stopped and found the cooler almost as quickly as they were dropped off there or else they would not have made it. And these aren't like Chihuahua puppies. These look like German shepherd puppies.

Source: Hunt County Pet Alive

Thankfully, all the babies were in perfect health, despite the ordeal. The veterinary team will continue to take care of them for a while, before joining their nous families who are already waiting for them.


Source: Hunt County Pet Alive

Do not hesitate to support Hunt County Pets Alive by donating here. With your support, the organization can continue their efforts and finance the costs of care and treatment for animals in need.


Source: Hunt County Pet Alive

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