A vet removed a rubber duck from a dog's stomach, sparking concern among pet owners


A veterinarian made a shocking discovery when a rubber duck was found inside a dog's stomach during surgery, prompting a warning to pet owners. The video of the bizarre operation was posted on TikTok and quickly went viral, with over 10 million views. In the footage, Florida-based Dr. Shelby Baden is seen removing the rubber duck from what appears to be a spaniel. The procedure, which sparked both amusement and concern on social media, was successful, and the dog was reunited with the five other rubber duck toys on a table nearby.

Although the incident might seem humorous, it highlights the dangers of dogs ingesting foreign objects, which can cause significant health problems. Ingesting rubber can be especially dangerous since a dog's body cannot digest it properly. According to the American Kennel Club, dogs who swallow rubber can show symptoms such as choking, an upset stomach, or abdominal infections. While bigger dogs may not have issues with swallowing a small amount of rubber, smaller dogs are at particular risk, especially if they consume a lot of the product.

The TikTok video quickly attracted comments from people sharing their experiences with similar incidents involving their own pets. One person shared that they had taken their dog to the vet that day to check if their dog had eaten too much plastic, while another person said they had paid over €3k for their dog's surgery to remove acorns, which the dog had been sneakily swallowing. Such incidents underline the importance of pet owners being vigilant and careful about what their pets consume.

Dr. Shelby Baden's video has received a mixed response on social media, with some expressing concern that it might encourage copycat behavior. It is essential to note that pet owners should not attempt to remove foreign objects from their pets' stomachs themselves and should seek the help of a qualified veterinarian.

While the TikTok video of a rubber duck being removed from a dog's stomach is amusing, it also highlights the importance of pet owners being vigilant about what their pets consume. The incident has prompted a warning to pet owners that rubber can be hazardous for dogs, especially smaller dogs who are at particular risk. If a pet owner suspects that their pet has swallowed a foreign object, they should seek the help of a veterinarian immediately.