A Vet Burned Off This Tiny Goat's Horns When He Was Only A Week And A Half Old


Lawson is an adorable baby goat who was born with some very grown-up problems. His back legs were missing their middle sections, which means he would always be handicapped. But what happened to him at only a week and a half old is unthinkable - a veterinarian shaved off his hair and burnt his horns clean off his head, reports The Dodo.


Source: Goats of Anarchy

This is a common practice called disbudding, and involves burning off the goat's horns at a young age to protect him from getting stuck, getting into fights or to stop him from hurting the farmer.


Source: Goats of Anarchy

His head is held to a scalding hot iron for several seconds and the blood vessels are prevented from growing further.


Source: Goats of Anarchy

ButLeanne Lauricella, the founder of Goats of Anarchy, a rescue and rehabilitation center for goats in New York, thinks that this practice is cruel and unnecessary. With male goats, the horns tend to grow back due to high testosterone levels, but not properly. The half-horns then have to be treated.


Source: Goats of Anarchy

And the process is especially painful for the babies, who scream while it's being done. Blood vessels in the horns also help to regulate body temperature, so removing them cause havoc on the goat's system.


Source: Goats of Anarchy

Lawson's former owner had been talked into disbudding by her vet because she knew no better. Lauricella told The Dodo:

She said they were very, very pushy, and talked her into it. And once it was done, she was just so horrified that she actually threw up afterwards. And she said, 'I'm supposed to be his protector, but I didn't know.' I don't blame her at all.

Source: Goats of Anarchy

The woman then brought Lawson to Goats of Anarchy so that they could take proper care of him.


Source: Goats of Anarchy

He has been described as the sweetest, most gentle little soul. Lauricella continued:

He sounds like a mouse speaking. It's like the highest little squeak because he's so tiny. It's just a sweet little innocent baby. How could they think of doing anything besides kissing that head?

Source: Goats of Anarchy

Lawson has been doing well at the sanctuary, and the team has been making him wear the most adorable hats. These give him confidence and keep him warm.


Source: Goats of Anarchy

But the baby will be needing surgery to fix the hole in his head as well as a heart condition that he was recently diagnosed with. However, it requires very skilled surgeons and the costs will be high. The Goats of AnarchyInstagram account wrote:

Lawson would need a heart surgeon who performs surgery on humans. I'm sure the cost would be astronomical. Our boy just needs a big miracle.

Source: Goats of Anarchy

Please make a donation to the organization to help with Lawson's medical bills - he is just a baby who is hurting and afraid, and he deserves a long and happy life just like all the other rescue goats.

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