A Thousand Dachshunds Take Part In "Sausage Dog Walk" In England

Andrea A.

On March 18 2018, a rather unusual event took place in London, England: a Sausage Dog Walk. Created three years ago by Grace Ang-Lygate, Catherine Hennigan, and Katherine Sofoluke, this walk is truly one of a kind, bringing together Sausage Dogs and Sausage Dog lovers everywhere. three women were only expecting around 30 people and their four-legged friends to turn up. However, on the day, thousands of people descended upon the park with their dogs to brave the rain and go on a mass walk.The "walkers" were able, if they so wished, to make a donation to Street Vet, who give out free care to the homeless and their dogs in the streets of London.

Source: RalphTheDacshund

The Sausage Dog walk was a huge success with all participants having a fabulous time. The walk finished at the Kings Arms pub near Greenwich Park.