A Shop Owner Opens His Store - And Heart - To Stray Cats In The Freezing Temperatures


The cold winter weather has hit Europe especially hard. Even places which don't normally experience these kinda of temperatures have been suffering.However, for stray animals there is no escape.At least there wasn't untilSelçuk Bayal opened his doors, reports The Dodo. He owns a small shop and cafe in Istanbul, Turkey, and the animal-lover often helps strays in the neighborhood.


Source: Selçuk Bayal

He went the extra-mile for the cats in his area by opening his shop to all the felines stuck out in the cold. He feeds them and lets them lounge in front of the heaters.


Source: Selçuk Bayal

They are grateful for any kind of help. The cats' glances tell us that they are thankful. Our doors are open to all living creatures — hungry cats, dogs, and even people. It does not matter.

Some of his patrons are not too happy with the animals roaming the cafe, but that hasn't stopped Bayal.He even put up a sign which reads "Those who are bothered by cats, do not shop here!!"


Source: Selçuk Bayal

Animal activists everywhere are singing his praises, and for good reason. Despite the deadly cold, the cats of Istanbul know they're safe from the elements.

H/t: The Dodo

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