A Puppy Is Shot And Left Paralyzed On Someone's Lawn But She Fights To Survive


Grace has never had an easy life.

Source: Angel's Hope

She was born as a stray, living in the mountains of West Virginia off of whatever food her and her siblings could find.Until one day, a woman spotted the little dog in front of her home. But Grace couldn't move. The woman scooped her up and started calling around for help about what to do next.

Source: Angel's Hope

She finally got in contact with Angel’s Hopewho agreed to take her in.April Hurley, executive director of the rescue, explained toThe Dodo.

She was beginning to worry when a day passed and no one was able to help this sweet little one. When we were contacted, we knew that we couldn’t leave her to suffer.

Source: Angel's Hope

They rushed her to the vet where they soon discovered the cause of her bizarre paralysis: Grace had been shot.The doctor wasn't sure she would live more than a few hours, and suggested she be euthanized, but her rescuers refused to give up.So they had the veterinarian perform surgery to remove the bullet.

Source: Angel's Hope

While we were hopeful that the surgery would allow her to walk again, most likely she’ll require a cart for the rest of her life.

But her handicap hasn't stopped her from living an incredible life. She was placed with a foster family who gives her all the love and attention she needs.

Source: Angel's Hope

Despite being shy in the beginning, she has truly come out of her shell.

While she’s still a bit timid when meeting new people and in larger crowds, her sweet, playful personality blossoms a little more each day. She loves to explore outside in her cart and run as fast as can! She also loves toys and snuggles from her foster parents, especially scratches under her chin.

Source: Angel's Hope

Grace is now around eight months old, and despite her improvement, she has lots of special needs to be accounted for, which is likely why she hasn't found a forever family. She lacks bowel and bladder control, and probably will never be able to walk again despite water therapy.

The goal of our organization is always to find loving, caring home for the foster pups and that’s what we want for Grace too. She deserves to be the center of someone’s world and we know they’re out there!

If you're interested in adopting Grace, you can find more information about her, here.

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