A Police Officer Stops A Truck For A Traffic Infraction And Makes A Sad Discovery


At the end of June, an American police officer pulled over a truck who had committed a trafic infraction. On opening the vehicle, he discovered over 60 roosters and hens, trapped in tiny boxes.

 Source: SPCA Texas

While this situation isn't rare, it can be alarming for those who know how to analyze the situation. The police officer, after inspecting the animals closer, realized that some of them had their combs cut. There were also razors and blades, and other objects used for cock fighting.This practice, which only became illegal in all 50 states as of 2007, consists of forcing two cocks, specially trained to be powerful and aggressive, to fight to the point of death.

Source: SPCA Texas

Of the 63 birds who were saved, 55 of them were fighting cocks, and eight of them were breeding females.Maura Davies, vice president of the SPCA of TexasexplainedtoThe Dodo:

Cockfighting is a very brutal thing. These animals are born, raised, bred and very often medicated to make them very aggressive and to make them fight. Once these birds are ‘trained,’ they are then taken to a fighting arena often at that point. [..] People usually throw them at each other and force them to fight. There are a couple different kinds of bird fights that happen. There are bird fights where the birds fight with nothing attached to them, and there are fights where the birds have razor blades or other sharp implements attached to the spurs on their feet.

Source: SPCA Texas

After this discovery, the driver of the vehicle was arrested, and the 63 birds were handed over to the SPCA of Texas, where they will receive care, and hopefully, be rehomed.Because of their violent nature, they have to be separated from each other. Davies concluded:

We will seek any option that we possibly can, and we do have a lot more options than we used to regarding sanctuaries that will take these fighting roosters. We will do the best.

Source: SPCA Texas

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