A Photographer's Tribute To The Wonderful Beauty Of Sphynx Cats

Andrea A.

The Spanish photographer Alicia Rius has always been fascinated by the beauty of Sphynx cats and so decided to dedicate a stunning series of photographs to them.


The photographer explained to BoredPanda :

Sphynxes (hairless cats) fascinate me in many ways. I’m drawn by their alien look. There’s something disturbing yet eerie that keeps me astonished every time I look at one.


She goes on to say:

Without fluffy and fancy coats, this breed shows what a true cat is. Everything is raw, exposed, vulnerable. This body of work is an exploration of the beauty of Sphynxes within their oddity.


Even if everybody may not agree, these cats are reportedly very sweet. Apparently, they adore human attention.

The website PetWave, says:

This is an intelligent, inquisitive, extremely friendly breed that is unusually people-oriented. Sphynx commonly greet their owners (or any other person, for that matter) at the front door, with obvious excitement and happiness.

If their wrinkly faces unsettle some people, their eyes and face are mesmerising.


Rius managed to show a side of these cats never seen before through her photographs.


And you, have you succumbed to the charm of these so-called ET cats?

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