A Motorcycle Gang Formed A Human Ring To Protect A Stray Dog On The Roadway

Finally some images to warm the heart. In Istanbul, Turkey, a stray dog found himself on the busy Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge, which spans the Bosphorus. To protect him from the numerous cars passing, five motorcyclists circled around him until he escaped from danger.The video of the rescue, as spontaneous as it was impressive, was filmed on December 7 by one of the motorists and has since been seen by over 370,000 people online. According to the Facebook page of the motorcycle club,Motoperest, the procession broke up when the dog was finally moved to the side of the road.


Without the help of these amazing strangers, who didn't hesitate to put themselves in danger to save the dog, he probably wouldn't have survived a few minutes judging by the number of cars on the roadway.Watch the incredible sequence for yourself below:

Koca yürekli motorcular köprü'deki köpeğe koruma kalkanıBizi instagram takip edebilirsinizhttps://www.instagram.com/motoperest/Published by Motoperest on Friday, December 9, 2016

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