A Mother And Son Accused Of Mutilating Their Pit Bull With Household Scissors


In Andrews, South Carolina (U.S.A.), a mother and son are accused of having cut the ears of their Pit bull. Myrtle McGee Daniels, 57, and her son Scotty Bruce Tyler, 37, will both appear in court for animal cruelty charges.


Authorities were actively searching for the dog, Brick, after photos of him - taken by Tyler himself - made the rounds on social media. Thousands of people, shocked by the sight of the mutilated animal, alerted police and animal protection organizations.


An investigation, opened not long after by country officials, allowed them to quickly locate the dogin the house on Seaboard Road, in Andrews. He has since been placed under court surveillance and had his injuries checked out.Investigators confirmed that Daniels, the mother, "cut the ears off their pet pit bull Brick using a pair of household scissors," without mentioning the motive behind the horrifying act.


While waiting for trial results, Michelle Reid, animal cruelty specialist and member of Valiant Animal Rescue & Relief, will take care of Brick and support him during his long recovery.


H/t: Daily Mail