A Man Spots A Locked Suitcase On The Edge Of A Ravine And Discovers An Adorable Dog

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On Sunday, May 28, Graham Barrett was walking his two dogs in a forest in British Columbia, Canada, when he spotted an unusual object at the edge of a ravine, behind some bushedreportsThe Dodo.


Source: Graham Barrett

Graham was particularly intrigued by the suitcase when it started to move around by itself. He decided to approach. It was at this point that he heard whining.


Source: Graham Barrett

The Canadian brought the suitcase home with him and attempted to open it, but it was double locked. Graham decided to call the police for reinforcements; and the officers were finally able to open the trunk and discovered a small, terrified Poodle, but happy to finally escape this nightmare.


Source: Graham Barrett

Eyal Lichtmann, director of the associationRichmond Animal Protection Society, explained:

He was dehydrated, and he was covered in urine and feces. [Barrett] immediately gave him some water and some food, and then the police brought the dog to us.

The Poodle, who was later named Donut, had likely been in the case for between three and six hours. It was obvious that whoever placed him in the suitcase didn't expect him to get out alive.


Source: RAPS

It's impossible to know who the former owner of the dog was, but one thing is certain: the animal was not in a state of neglect before he was placed in the suitcase. Eyal confided:

He was recently groomed — you could tell. And the minute he recovered, he was just the friendliest, happiest dog. He was very well socialized.

Source: RAPS

It's not certain that Donut's real owners would have committed such an act of cruelty. The association launched an investigation on social media in the hope of finding the adorable Poodle's humans. For Eyal:

This sounds more like a revenge situation because the dog’s so well kept.

The police launched an investigation, which is still open. In the meantime, Donut is enjoying all the love and affection from the volunteers at the Richmond Animal Protection Society.


Source: RAPS

A few days later after the discovery of Donut, a similar case occurred with a kitten named Rosie, trapped in a taped up diaper box. While the two cases aren't necessarily related, Eyal is still shocked by the cruelty of these acts.Rosie was also handed over to the shelter and will be put up for adoption as soon as his health is well enough. As for the little Poodle, if his owners are not found, he will also be given to a family who will take care of him.

H/t: The Dodo

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