A Little Love Transformed This Starving, Scraggly Kitten Into A Beautiful Healthy Cat


A man named Peter was walking when he heard faint a meowing coming from the gutter.He found a tiny kitten, scraggly and starving, on the side of the road. She was scared, but too weak to move.


Source: kalpana Peter

Peter gave her some water and some loving pets to show that he meant her no harm. The feline showed just how well she understood him by immediately falling asleep in his arms.


Source: kalpana Peter

He took her to the veterinarian to get her medicine and check on her health.


Source: kalpana Peter

Peter decided to adopt the beautiful baby and named her Hetty. He got her fed and washed, so she could enjoy her warm new home.


Source: kalpana Peter

Now she loves relaxing in her bed and her fur has grown back thick and soft. She gets to enjoy cuddle time with her favorite human, who also happens to be her rescuer.


Source: kalpana Peter

The once scrawny kitten has grown into a healthy cat thanks to a lot of love and care. She is living proof of its amazing healing power and will never again face the suffering of her past.Watch the full video of the rescue below:

H/t: Love Meow