A Lion "Reduced To Slavery" Live On Television Has Animal Activists Furious

Andrea A.

On Friday, January 6, a lion in a cage was featured on a French television show, called "Actuality." Thomas Thouroude, the host, challenged his guests to several tasks, including approaching the animal.


Source: Actuality/France 2

The sequence took place at the end of the show, and the lion had been left in the tiny cage for more than an hour, under the hot spotlights. During the challenge, Thomas Thouroude accompanied the two guests and the trainer, entering the lion's cage and making him step onto platforms. Thanks to long, sharp poles with food attached, the trainer kept the lion in a submissive state and rewarded him when he behaved as he wanted him to.


Source: Actuality/France 2

A degrading treatment which the Brigitte Bardot Foundation didn't miss exposing. On Twitter, the former actress was furious:

Lion reduced to slavery on the set of "Actuality." [...] Unforgivable and scandalous that France 2, a public channel, exhibits a lion in a minuscule cage for more than an hour during the show Actuality.

"Mediocre entertainment"

The animal right's activist continued and called the series "mediocre entertainment," echoing the scandal provoked by the presence of animals on the set of another French show, Secret Story, revealed last September byThe Holidog Times.Brigitte Bardot also criticized another challenge proposed by the show which consisted of eating live insects on camera:

'Actuality', mediocre entertainment pointlessly exhibiting a wild animal and making people eat live, raw insects.

Source: Actuality /France 2

The lion shown on the set of "Actuality," named Clarence, is 22 years old and belongs to the Pinder circus. To protest against circuses that use wild animals, you can sign this petitionlooking to ban the use of animals in traveling circuses, or you can contact your government representative directly and ask that they put an end to the abuse.