A Heroic Pitbull Was Stabbed To Death Trying To Protect His Family

Andrea A.

Lucy, a gorgeous femalePitbull, died of her injuries after she was repeatedly stabbed when she tried to protect her family from an attack.


Source : @NewsPress

It happened twoweeks ago in Florida, US. Lisa Potts was just getting home when she discovered her ex-boyfriend had broken into her house.The man then started to insult her and hit her before grabbing a kitchen knife.It was then, that the dog, Lucy, jumped at him to protect her human.Lisa Potts told the siteNews Press :

Lucy jumped up at him but he stabbed her right in the neck. Despite her injury, she continued fighting him so that my sons had time to run and hide downstairs.

One of Lisa's sons was injured during the attack - his shoulder dislocated. But it was Lucy who paidthe ultimate price:

I got a towel and pressed as much as I could on the wound to stop the bleeding and save her life. I tried to be gentle, comforting her as much as I could.

Sadly, Lucy died in her human's arms of a cardiac arrest. Her attackerwas caught and is now being detained, awaiting trial for battery.


Source : @NewsPress

Lucy is a real saviour, offering her life in order to protect the lives of those she loved:

If she hadn't jumped at him like that, we would have all probably been stabbed. She saved all our lives.

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