A Good Samaritan Spots A Cat Fall Into A River So He Springs Into Action To Save Her


Sometimes good people happen to be at the right place at the right time. And that was the case for Scott, an operations manager for the Royal Docks Management Authority (RODMA) in London on February 23.Felix, the office cat for RoDMA, found herself in a tussle with another local street cat.

While the pair were chasing each other close to the edge of the River Thames, Felix lost her balance and fell into the water.The man, who was passing by, witnessed the incident and ran to the feline's aid. He quickly climbed over the barrier and managed to pull the cat to safety.

Felix seemed a little shaken up but definitely thankful to her rescuer before sauntering away.Scott then continued on with his day like nothing happened.


Source: RoDMA

The hilarious chain of events were all caught on surveillance camera. The RoDMA said in a statement:

Felix the RoDMA cat ended up in the drink while bravely engaging in a hostile territorial battle (i.e. running away) from another cat. We can happily report that Felix suffered no injury or trauma. She also seems to be completely unaware that the rest of the RoDMA team have been laughing behind her back after the blase ‘nothing to see here’ routine that followed her dunking.

Thankfully, she had more of a fright than anything else, and she will learn not to stray to close to the edge next time!Watch the full video below:

Felix the cat has a lucky escapeFelix the RoDMA office cat had a lucky escape the other day, watch our engineering and operations manager Scott spring into action to save her from the water after a tussle with another cat! Happy to report she is now safe and sound. #YourRoyalDocksPosted by London's Royal Docks on Monday, May 1, 2017

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