“A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas”: Dogs Trust's Eye-Opening Campaign


Dogs Trust has launched a huge campaign entitled,“A dog is for life, not just for Christmas”. They have created a video with some famous faces as well as taking to the streets with shocking artwork revealing the reasons why people have given back their dogs to Dogs Trust.


Source: @DogsTrust

Dogs Trust has over 20 Rehoming Centres in the UK, which helps to rehome pups whose owners no longer wishto take care of them. The sad reality of the reasons why people take back their pets has been broadcast on the streets and screens in the UK.


Source: @DogsTrust

Some of the shocking reasons include:

  • “He looked different after we walked him in the rain”
  • "He was too loving and needed too much attention"
  • “I’m worried our toddler will copy him and poo in the garden”
  • “My dog is old and going to die soon”
  • "He barks every morning”
  • “He wags his tail too much”
  • "She’s seems hungry all the time and follows me around the house"
  • “He kept coughing in the night and woke me up”

Sadly, around Christmas time, consumers begin their search for Christmas presents by looking on internet sites which sell puppies. This surge often brings welfare concerns for puppies who may be bred irresponsibly and in dodgy circumstances.


Source: @DogsTrust

Giles Webber, Operations Director for Dogs Trust, says:

 With more and more puppies flooding the Christmas market, all available at the click of a button - it is more essential than ever that our iconic message “A Dog is For Life, Not Just For Christmas®” is ingrained in people’s minds. We hope that this visually striking campaign will encourage people to think twice about the commitment of dog ownership before impulsively buying a puppy. Our aim is to ensure that the artwork will be the only abandoned dogs the British public will see on their streets this Christmas period.

You can support Dogs Trust here. Remember, a dog is for life, not just for Christmas. Watch the video campaign here:

Featured image: @DogsTrust

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