A Disability Won't Stop This Adorable Puppy From Enjoying Life To The Fullest


Duke is a little two-month-old puppy, and would you just look at that adorable face. But there's something about Duke that makes him a little different from other puppies...


Source : @Facebook


Source : @Facebook

Duke was born with two deformed front legs. But whilst that means life is a bit more of a struggle for him, he wouldn't change his luck for the world.

Thanks to the amazing charity Little Paws of Love, based in Florida, this little puppy is looked after brilliantly everyday. But he's not the only one being cared for, Duke helps put a smile on the volunteers' faces every single day. He's absolutely bounding with love and energy.


Source : @Facebook

On their Facebook page, the staff posted:

We will be seeing an orthopedic specialist. He just had his vet exam & he is otherwise in good health.

A new beginning 

Two weeks ago, Duke had an operation on his paws. And we're very happy to say that it was a great success. Duke's even happier than before, now that he can bounce about like all the other dogs!


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As if life could get any better for the gorgeous pup, he's even found himself a forever home in the process!


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To be fair, we would completely melt if we saw this little cutie in real life. It's a good thing he's already been adopted!


Source : @Facebook

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