Bullfighter Severely Injured By A Misplaced Horn

On Sunday, March 19, the Mexican bullfighter,Antonio Romero, was severely injured by the bull during a festival in Mexico.The toreador seemed to have the upper hand and was about to change the bull's direction with his muleta- the red capes that trick and distract them - when the bull reacted in an unpredictable manner, turning to face the man instead.


Source : Mexico Taurino

Antonio Romero was roughly thrown onto the ground by the first stab of the bull's horn, before the animal stabbed him a second time in the rectum, in front of the crowd.He was paralyzed from the pain and was unable to get up off the ground, so the Mexican's colleagues came to his aid and chased the bull away. Romero was hospitalized and the medical staff revealed that he had a 30cm gash in his rectum.


Source : Mexico Taurino

Romero's chances looked slim as his rectum and all the surrounding muscles were critically damaged. However, his operation went well and he made it out alive, according toRafael Vazquez Bayod, the surgeon who was in charge of the operation, who spoke to local Mexican press.[caption id="attachment_31766" align="alignnone" width="720"]


Antonio Romero, in the hospital, the day after the accident and his complicated surgery.Source : NTR Toros[/caption]Last summer, the Spanish bullfighterVictor Barrio was the first toreador to die in the Spanish corrida in the past 30 years. He had suffered a violent stab by the bull's horn in his abdomen.

Source : toroalcaria

Though this most recent tragedy is of course nothing to celebrate, we can hope it will make people realise that it is high time to put an end to this kind of barbarism, which kills almost 250,000 bulls every year in the world.You can help lead the fight against the bullfighting industry by supporting the CRAC Europe (page in French), which has long been fighting to abolish bullfighting.

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