A Baby Cheetah And A Labrador Puppy Are The Cutest BFFs And Will Basically Be Raised As Brothers


The Twilight Series fans out there will know that Emmett is the strongest member of the family. This little cheetah cubwas named Emmett because of his strength too - but his is a mental strength, enough to overcome difficult obstacles in his life.Little Emmett is only 10 weeks old and caught pneumonia soon after his birth at the Wilds Conservation Center in Ohio. He was hand-reared while recovering from his disease. In the beginning of September, he moved to Columbus Zoo and Aquariumand became the newest member of the family, but it turned out to be quite difficult for the tiny cheetah to adapt to yet another new home.


Source: Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

Cheetahs are known for being quite fearful and skittish by nature, and Emmett had spent the beginning of his life only in the company of humans. He was going to need some help to adjust to life outside with other animals.That's where Cullen comes in. The 7-week-old Labrador puppy is boisterous, confident and playful. He immediately decided to take the sickly little cheetah cub under his paw and the two are a match made in heaven.


Source: Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

Cullen is Emmett's comfort dog - always there to help his brother feel relaxed and at ease. Now that the cubis no longer sickly, he will start traveling with the Jungle Jack Hanna Team as an ambassador for wild cheetahs. And the luckyfeline gets to take his best friend on the road with him!


Source: Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

It's safe to say that these two are BFFs - Best Friends Forever.


Source: Columbus Zoo & Aquaruim