98 Dogs Rescued From Deplorable Puppy Mill Where They Were Forced To Live In Cramped Cages


An RSPCA investigation in New South Wales, Australia in early June led to the seizing of almost 100 dogs. The association, which is the equivalent of the ASPCA in the USA, raided a puppy mill near the town of Goulburn and uncovered the shocking conditions inside.

 Source: RSPCA NSW

The 98 puppies in the property were of a wide variety of breeds, from Beagles to Bulldogs and had been confined in tiny cages with little to no comfort. After a preliminary examination of their physical conditions, members of the association discovered that the canines were suffering from a range of health problems. Steve Coleman, chief executive of the NSW RSPCA described:

 There's a lot of dental issues, there's some skin issues and there are also some breed-specific challenges ... the dogs will be processed by our vets back in Sydney, any veterinary treatment that will be required will be given.


In addition to taking care of the dog's physical needs, the association will also have to rehabilitate and get the dogs used to human contact. Steve Coleman continues:

 It's our experience over the years that these animals that are born and bred in these sorts of activities or environments are very difficult to socialise.


Puppy mills put profit and monetary gain above the well-being of the animals in their care. Sadly, these 'factories' are increasing in numbers. Every month, the New South Wales RSPCA receives multiple tip-offs about puppy mills in the area.The association has also spent around 200,000 Australian dollars on a new campaign to educate the public about the dangers associated with puppy mills.

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