90 Year-Old Woman Makes The Most Amazing Gifts For Shelter Cats


90 year-old Marilyn from Florida, USA, is continuing an interesting project that her mother began years before.She knits brightly coloured blankets for shelter cats at the Polk County Animal Control shelter, a local animal rescue centre in Florida.Not only are the blankets soft and cosy, they provide an important emotional support for the cats.Polk County Animal Control explained in a Facebook post:

[Marilyn provides] a blanket that can accompany the pet home so the kitty can have some sort of comfort while learning to adjust to new surroundings.

Despite her age, Marilyn as no intention of stopping her "labour of love" anytime soon.

Source: Polk County Animal ControlThe animal shelter wrote:

Marilyn says as long as her hands still work & she has her health, she will continue knitting and donating these tiny afghans to our Animal Control kitties -- her only limitation is yarn.

The shelter is therefore launching a plea for donations of yarn so that Marilyn can continue to knit or the cats.Their Facebook post asks anyone that has the means to donate to drop the yarn at Polk County Animal Control, at 7115 de Castro Road in Winterhaven, Florida.You can support (this organization) and the incredible work they do by clicking here, making a donation and helping them to continue saving animals.

Via: Fox News