9 Ways Your Cat Tells You They Love You That You Didn't Know


Often, we humans aren't quite sure what our cat is trying to tell us. You know what your dog means when he wags his tail, but knowing a cat's feelings is a lot harder. After all, felines are mysterious creatures.Your cat loves you, and you know that. But we bet you didn't know how they try and tell you. Well we're here to explain 9 ways they tell you everyday:

1. Kneading their paws into you


Source: @PawesomeCats

Many researchers agree that when a cat kneads their paws into you, they are doing so affectionately. It's a way of them trying to return the affection you give them when you stroke them. They just don't know that it actually hurts you.

2. Bringing home dead animals


Source: @LiveScience

Even though they are domesticated, cats still have their natural predator instinct. They also still have a natural mothering instinct, even if they have been spayed or have no kittens. By leaving a dead animal in your home, your cat trying to mother you and teach you. You are her family and you need her to teach you how to catch prey.

3. Rubbing their head against you


Source: @WebMD

Cats rub their faces against objects to claim them as their territory. So when they rub your face, it means you are considered family and they love you.

4. They stare at you

You may be be a little unnerved by your cat's intense stare. But don't worry, they're not always eyeballingyou. Cats' eyes just blink less often than humans do. Rather, a steady, soft gaze means that they feel comfortable and safe with you.

5. Rolling onto their back


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When a cat presents you with its belly, they trust you big time. Cats don't like putting themselves in vulnerable position so by lying on their back presenting you with their tummy, they totally love you.

6. Holding their tail high


 Source: @ZeeAndZooey

When a cat holds its tail up high, that's a sign that they're very content and fell self-assured. If they're being really affectionate, they may also stroke you with their tail or wrap it around you.

7. They nibble you


Source: @Ask

When a cat nibbles you, it's a sign of affection not aggression. It's a bit like how they groom kittens, they are just showing you how much they love you. Think of it as a "love bite".

8. When your cat purrs


Source: @Wonderopolis

Perhaps most cat-lovers know this, but if your cat is purring then they are very very happy indeed. They may be saying, "Yes, I like that, you can carry on petting me like that."

9. They follow you everywhere


Source: @Petful

When your cat follows you from room to room, they just want to be everywhere with you because they love you. When they're with you, they feel happy and safe.So there you go. Cats are just a little more shy and awkward about expressing their affection, so the signs are often a lot more subtle. But you can be sure of one thing, they absolutely adore you.

Featured image: @WebMD

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