9 Top Tips To Ensure Your Dog Doesn't Get Depressed This Winter


Depression is something which affects more people than you think. But did you know that dogs can also suffer from it? And like humans, dogs are more susceptible to becoming depressed during the winter, when long walks are less frequent andthe cold, dark days make them feel more and more tired.You can spot this kind of depression in dogs by looking out for signs ofstress, loss of appetite or a blank, vacant stare...


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So here are 10 tips to help you prevent your pup from getting depressed:

1. Give him lots of love!


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It might seem obvious but your dog does need constant reassurance. You should show him how much you love him all the time. So spend lots of time with him and above all, have loads of cuddle sessions!

2. Playtime, playtime, playtime!


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Dogs love to play, and they need this kind of stimulation daily. And we don't play with them enough! Playing tug of war with them once a week won't do the job, try and play with them daily. Being spontaneous and surprising them with a new toy will get them wagging their tail like never before!

3. Take them on long walks.


Your dog will never turn down a nice, long walk!Try and go to different parks or locations to mix uptheir routine. And so they can sniff some new trees!

4. Take them with you in the car.


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Some dogs loving going in the car with you, others are less keen. If that's the case with your pup, get them used to it slowly and start off by only going short distances. They'll soon love accompanying you on your daily adventures... or chores!

5. Make sure they've got lots of toys!


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Imagine if you had to entertain yourself with the same thing every day of your life... It would be a nightmare! Well, the same goes for our doggy companions. Only having one toy to play with, one chew to gnaw on, well that just gets a bit boring now, doesn't it? Think about buying them some new ones, or making them one with an old sock and empty water bottle!

6. Don't leave them on their own for too long.


Every dog lover knows that their pups hate being left alone for too long! So it's therefore essential that you spend as much timeas possible with your dog, maybe see if you can even take them to work once a week.If you can't avoid leaving them at home all day, then you could call a nice dogsitter to come look after them.

7. Maybe get them a little brother or sister!


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Attention : this is not a decision to take lightly! If you're considering adopting a second dog, then read some of our top tips and advice here before you do so. Take your time to come to a decision, it may be a lot more work. But it could also provide a lot more love and companionship for both you and your doggy.

8. Mix up their diet.


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Imagine only eating one type of pasta for the rest of your life! No chance. Well, your dog feels the same. Although routine is good for your dog, she might have had enough of that beef-flavoured dog food. How about just changing the flavour to maybe turkey or duck - imagine how exciting that would be!And once in a while, you can offer them a little treat.

9. Find them some friends! 


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If you don't want your dog winding up grumpy and lonely in the corner, then why don't you find them some friends! Socialising with other dogs is great for them. Take them to other parks so they can meet some dogs and spend some time with them. You might also meet another dog parent!


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NB: Whilst all of these pieces of advice may be useful, go and visit your vet if you're really worried. They'll be the best at knowing how to deal with the situation.

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