9 Things Your Cat Hates More Than Anything In The World

Andrea A.

Cats are demanding animals. They have a lot of character, sensitivity, but may not always as adaptable as dogs. Aristocratic creatures, they have specific needs. And there are some things in the world that they simply cannot tolerate...So here are 9 of them. We hope that this helps you adapt your environment a little better to suit their needs. :)

1. A dirty litter


Source : @Psayopsayo

Cats like cleanliness. I mean, in comparison to dogs, cats take care of their business themselves. And they like their environment to stay in good, proper order. Their cat litter should be changed regularly because they detest going to do their business there if it's dirty.This explains why numerouscats urinate outside sometimes. Poor them, they have about a 60 times better sense of smell than humans!

2. Out of date food, a soiled tin


Source : @Carlafulworld

This is always due to their acute sense of smell and their sensitivity to hygiene. Delicate creatures, cats don't like eating from a dirty plate, it freaks out their taste buds. And when their food is a few days out of date, or a tiny bit dry, they will be gnashing those teeth at you not the food!

3. Not having their own hiding place


Source : @CatsOfInstagram

Cats are stealthy hunters. They like to be able to hide themselves and feel secure in a place inaccessible to humans.They particularly want somewhere they can withdraw to when they need some 'me' time. If you live with cats, be aware of their hiding tricks!A cat tree is also a very good investment.

4. Being constrained


Source : @Ink361

With cats, it's what they want, when they want it. Generally, they like being in control and able to do as they please. Let them come to you, that's usually the best approach with cats. And definitely don't punish them, it doesn't work at all with cats and could increase tension.

5. Being ignored


Source : @CatsOfInstagram

Difficult creatures, whilst they don't like feeling constrained, the same goes with feeling like they are lacking attention. So when they want it, give it to them. Some shy cats may feel rejected if you don't pay them enough attention.It will help alleviate any emotional stress in the long term by interacting with them when you can.

6. Noise


Source : @CatsOfInstagram

Cats like a muffled atmosphere. Their hearing is very sensitive and they hate loud noises such as fireworks or music at too higher volume. Noises have an effect on their general psychological state.If you want to listen to loud music, make sure your cat has a quiet place he can rest while you do.

7. Too heavy petting


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Cats are very sensitive to the touch. They love cuddles and being stroked, but only when it's very delicate. Some are more tolerant than others depending on their age! The chin is a certain blow. Their forehead too. And their stomach even more so.Hardly any cat likes being scratched hard enough for their hairs to fall out, so pay attention and be gentle!

8. Baths


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Sure there are some exceptions. But most cats hate being completely wet all over. Falling into a pool of water, say your bath for example, is a cat's worst nightmare! Cats can clean themselves, so leave your showerhead out of it :)

9. An intruder in their territory


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Cats are territorial animals. They like feeling at home. And unless they are used to it, the presence of another cat in their home or familiar area will irritate them hugely. If you live in an apartment with another cat already, watch out, it will take a while to adjust.

Don't hesitate to add to our list if you have any other experiences with your picky cats! :)

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