9 Photos That Prove Travelling With Your Dog Is Way More Fun


Imaginehow much funnier that selfie of you and the Eiffel Towerwould be ifyour four-legged friend wasin it too! If your dog really is your best friend, then it makes total sense for them to come on holiday with you. You'd be surprised how easy it can be to travel comfortably with your dog, and they will be so happy if you take them with you.To entice you to take your pup on thenext tour of Europe, we've compiled a list of 9 photos that prove how much fun it can be.There's a bonus montage at the end (you're in for a treat) :

1. You couldn't possible leave your buddy behind.


Source: @TheDodo

2. Now you'll never have to go on holiday alone!


Source: @TheGuardian

3. Your dog's a way better tourist than you could ever be.


Source: @NakedCapitalism

4. They can join in on all your favourite activities.


Source: @Pinterest

5. It's blissful to see how excited your dog is to discover somewhere new!


Source: @TripAdvisor

6. And they look way more glamorous with a windswept coat!


Source: @TheGuardian

7. And they always know how to travel in style and comfort.


Source: @TheGuardian 

8. Your dog will genuinely think he's winning at life. And he is.


Source: @FunnyStock

9. And you'll both be exhausted by the end, but you'll have each other.


Source: @Instagram


My parents took my dog on vacation for the first time and it's literally like they have a new child

— chris (@cmhack_) March 2, 2016

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