9 Of The Rarest Cat Breeds That You Might Not Have Heard Of


There are hundreds of different cat breeds, big, small, long haired, short haired, skinny and stocky - and all of them are just adorable .But there are some cats that aren't so common, and unless you are very into your feline-related research you might not have heard of them! It's a shame to think that these kitties haven't had their chance at the limelight, so we've made a list of some of the rarest cat breeds for you to discover!

1. Chartreux

Source: Instagram/alexgybou

These French cats are intelligent and quiet, rarely making noise if they even do at all. They are happy and playful souls, who are incredibly affectionate with their families. Despite their rarity, they have been owned by many of their home country's most famous people, such as writers Charles Baudelaire and Colette, and former French president Charles de Gaulle.

2. Tonkinese

Source: Instagram/chairman.meoww

The Tonkinese officially became a breed in 2001, although there have been cats of this type around since the 1900's. Originally made by crossing Siamese cats with Burmese cats, the result is a lovely kitty that has the best traits of both breeds. They are vocal and loving towards their humans, but hate to be left alone, as they can easily get bored and lonely.

3. Kurilian Bobtail

Source: Dushka

Originally from the Kuril islands between Siberia and Japan, these are one of the few breeds who don't have a full length tail, instead having a cute, bunny-like bob! The ultimate feline survivalists, Kurilian Bobtails are amazing hunters; rumor has it that a pack of them can take down a small bear. Although still rare in most of the world, they are one of the most popular cat breeds in Russia.

4. Peterbald

Source: heavenlyhairlesspeterbaldcats

You have probably heard of the hairless Sphynx cat, but have you heard of the Peterbald? They too are hairless, although they can have some hair that feels more like peach fuzz than a full coat. Resembling hairless Orientals, they are adventurous and dog-like in their loyalty. They also require a lot of skin-care, such as regular baths and sunscreen in warmer weather.

5. Havana Brown

Source: Shutterstock

This beautiful, dark brown cat comes from England, where cat lovers decided to breed domestic black cats with Siameses. These cats are calm and friendly, easily making friends with dogs and strangers, and liking travel. They also love to play and get on well with children.

6. Korat

Source: Instagram/ninja_loe

These distinguished, gentle cats from Thailand are well known for their blue-grey coats and big, green eyes. Being symbols of good luck, they are given to newlyweds in pairs in their native country. Their coats go from blue at the base to silver at the tip, which gives them a 'shimmering' appearance.

7. Japanese Bobtail

Source: moggyblog

Like the Kurilian Bobtails, these athletic felines have a bobbed tail and killer hunting skills. Also like the Kurilian, their bobbed tail is a natural mutation rather than a defect, so they don't face the health problems that many 'designer' breeds can have. The Japanese Bobtail is also known worldwide even if you don't know the breed as they were the inspiration for both the waving 'lucky' cats you see in some shop windows and Hello Kitty!

8. Lykoi

Source: lykoi_mafia

Also known as the 'werewolf' cat because of the hair missing on its face, the Lykoi is a very recent breed, having been discovered in 2010. Genetically distinct from other hairless cats, they are curious about everything around them and will stick their nose into whatever they can get their paws on.

9. Burmilla

Source: Instagram/mimi_ollie_bruno

This gorgeous wide-eyed, silver cat was actually a complete accident! In 1981, a Chinchilla Persian and a Burmese had an unplanned litter of kittens, but they were so adorable that breeders decided to create a new breed. Burmillas are ideal family pets, being sweet and friendly and, although playful, are quite independent.

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