9 Indispensable Tips To Know To Protect Your Dog From The Heat

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Summer is here, and with it temperatures are rising. While the warmth is welcome, it can quickly transform into being deadly - for humans and animals alike - if no precautions are taken. Here are 9 fundamental rules to know to protect your dog and spend a marvelous summer without fear.1. Careful about dehydration

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Install several water bowls in the house and garden which would allow your pooch to quench his thirst quickly and when he needs. Fill the bowls with fresh water often, or invest in a water fountain which would function non-stop. However, do not use ice cold water: you could risk putting your canine into thermal shock.2. Think about how to refresh your dog

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Let your dog have access to tile floors in your home if you have them: it can quickly cool them down. If your home has air-conditioning, it could help to turn it on, as long as it's at a moderate level. You can also apply a damp towel to your animal's head and feet.3. Protect his paw pads

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In the bright sun, the ground can rapidly become burning hot. Your animal risks injuring his paw pads, which can be very disabling. To avoid this danger, you can by protective gear for their paws, either little socks or boots. But beware of leather or plastic which would make the heat problem worse.4. Enjoy the chance to swim

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What's better than a refreshing swim with your pooch? Take advantage of the summer and bring them to the sea, a pond or a lake to give them the occasion to wade and a nice bath.5.Walk your dog early in the morning of late in the evening

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Walks in the middle of the day under the blazing sun, should be avoided. Prioritize walks in the morning or evening when temperatures aren't as high, and consider walking in the shade. Avoid intense exercise which could put your dog in danger.6. Don't leave your dog alone in the car

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Summer brings its own set of tragedies. Among them, dogs agonizing in cars left in the hot sun. Temperatures can rapidly reach over 120 degrees Fahrenheit, transforming the vehicle into essentially an oven. If you have to travel with your pooch, make sure to bring a bowl of water for every stop and take him out on a leash to give him some air.7. Take care of his coat 

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Caring for your dogs fur will allow your dog to feel more airy. But careful, don't cut it! His coat allows him to regulate his body heat, and getting rid of it could expose him to sunburn.8. Let your dog dig a hole! 

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Dogs know how to keep themselves cool. And digging a hole is one of the more peculiar methods. If possible, find a spot in the shade and let your pet dig to their heart's content. It will allow them to cool down.9. React quickly

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Dogs have fewer stress glands than humans do and don't sweat, or at least not much. They evacuate heat differently, so in the case of heatstroke, every second counts. If your dog starts breathing quickly and heavily with red eyes, refresh him with the help of a damp towel to avoid brain swelling, which could be fatal. Consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.With these tips, you will be able to spend a summer in safety with your four-legged friend at your side!

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