9 Important Safety Tips To Know When Using A Pool With Your Dog

Andrea A.

With the return of warm weather, some lucky people get to enjoy a pool in their backyards. But be careful, because this summer haven can quickly transform into a deadly trap for your dog. Here are 9 tips to follow to avoid a crisis and enjoy summer in safety with your loyal companion.

1. Make sure your dog knows how to swim

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Despite what many people think, not all dogs are good swimmers. Some breeds like Golden Retrievers and Newfoundlands have a natural skill in the water, but the ability to swim correctly will depend on the animal's personality.

2. Equip him based on his skill

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Obtain a life vest for your pooch. Like children with their floaties, this vest can give dogs without great swimming skills and extra layer of security.

3. Don't look away

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Again, just like a child, you shouldn't leave your animal alone in the pool without keeping an eye on him. Your dog could easily swallow something floating in the water or choke.

4. Make it easy for him to get out

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Make sure your pet has an easy exit. Numerous drownings could be avoided with a ramp allowing your dog to escape the water without danger.

5. Stop him from drinking pool water

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Chlorinated water can be dangerous for your dog. Don't let him drink it in large quantities, as it could cause health problems.

6. Play with him in the water! 

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What's better than being right there to assure your pooch's safety? Keep an eye on him while you spend an enjoyable time together.

7. Don't forget hydration

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Just because your dog is in water, doesn't mean he doesn't need to drink. Think about putting water bowls out around the pool.

8. Learn emergency techniques 

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You should know how to perform CPR on a dog in case of drowning. You can find out how here.

9. Rinse them off afterwards 

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Spraying your canine with the house after a nice dip in the pool will help get rid of chlorine and any other products in the water.Keep these tips in mind to enjoy your summer in peace with your four-legged friend!

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