9 Dogs Who Can't Wait Any Longer For Their Future Best Friend

Dogs and babies have very special relationships. Pups seem to show even more love and care for little ones, which can only be a good thing for both of them!

Humans think of their pups as family members in their own right. In fact, dogs and kids have many things in common...

That must be why these balls of fluff are so looking forward to the arrival of a little brother or sister, as these touching images show.

These 9 curious, compassionate, protective dogs are well aware of what's going on inside the future mother, and they just can't wait for their future playmate to arrive.

1. Okay, when's he coming? 


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2. I think I heard him! 


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3. In any case, this is comfortable... 


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4. Really comfortable!


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5. I felt him move, I swear! 


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6. Let me give him a kiss!


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7. Can you please tell him to hurry up?


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8. Hello? Anybody there? 


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9. Great, now hurry up because Mum won't play with me anymore. 


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We can only imagine the joy of these adorable dogs when they finally meet the little person they'll be sharing their life with!