9 Dog Breeds Who Would Do Anything To Protect You


Ever since they evolved from wolves, dogs have been kept as guards or herding animals which has significantly increased their protective natures. Certain breeds especially have these watchdog tendencies.If you're looking for a protective dog, these 9 breeds are some of the best you can find:

1. German Shepherd


Source: Ricollistaelamaa

One of the most popular and well-known breeds, the German Shepherd was used for "herding" sheep or other animals. They will use the same thought process to protect you and your "flock." This is why German Shepherds make talented police dogs. These animals are incredibly intelligent and loving towards their family.

2. Rottweiler


Source: Abbuhie

This large dog was also once used on farms for protection and herding purposes. They are fearless and loving with their families, including children, but they might be wary of strangers, especially if they're not properly trained.

3. Doberman Pinscher


Source: Doberman Instagram

These athletic dogs were bred for protection purposes and use in the military. They are fearless and loyal, and their bark will alert you to any intruders (whether they actually pose a threat or not).

4.  Mastiff


Source: Abraham the Mastiff

A gentle giant, the mastiff was originally used on large properties to scare off or trap poachers or other unwanted guests without causing harm. Their confident nature and powerful bark will scare off intruders, but their loving nature makes them a great family dog.

5. Belgian Malinois


Source: Triple the Trouble Dogs

These dogs are very often used in police and military work. They are incredibly intelligent and active, and need a job to do to be truly happy. While they are great at following orders, they might find it difficult as a family dog.

6. Rhodesian Ridgeback


Source: Denver the Ridgeback

These dogs, whose noticeable spine running along their backs is the reason behind their name, were bred for hunting and protection purposes. They are reserved around strangers, but will gladly step up to protect their families if the situation calls for it.

7. Giant Schnauzer


Source: zockergurke

The size of this large breed is intimidating on its own for intruders, but their powerful bark leads them to be a great watchdog. They are extremely protective and loyal to their families, but definitely require land to run around.

8. Great Pyrenees


Source: Life of 3 Bros

This breed is mostly used for protecting livestock, but can make a good family dog if you don't mine a lot of barking. They are fearless when it comes to protecting their families!

9. Cane Corso


Source: Zambezi

Also known as an Italian Mastiff, these dogs were bred to be watchdogs and hunters. They are loving and friendly with their family and anyone who doesn't pose a "threat." How often they find someone to be a threat will depend on their training, which should start young.These 9 breeds are some of the best if you're looking for a protective canine who will defend his family without fear. All dogs needed to be trained and educated to make sure they are properly socialized, but due to their natural instincts, it's especially important for these breeds.

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