9 Dog Breeds That Get Along Famously With Cats


The age-old rivalry between cats and dogs rings true for some breeds, but for others, it has no relevance. If you're thinking about adopting a dog and already have a cat, or vice-versa, and people have told you to be careful - show them this article! There are several breeds of dogs who get along extremely well with cats. The two might even end up being best friends for life.It is important to note that you will have to supervise their first meeting, however, as is necessary with all pets.Here are the top 10 dog breeds that are friendly with cats.

1. Dachshund

The smallest hound might be the same size as your cat, but he has an enormous personality and will be the best playmate for your kitty.


Source: NY Daily News

2. German Shepherd

This big dog does really well with smaller animals. He is known for his adaptability and easy-going personality, but is also active and sporty. He will make a great match with a cat friend.


Source: German

3. Labrador

This soft, gentle dog loves the company of humans as well as cats. He will prefer to have a nap alongside your kitty than to run around outside.


Source: Long Meadow Vet Clinic

4. Cocker Spaniel

These curious dogs will try their best to befriend their feline companions. They are not generally aggressive, but rather friendly and playful, making them a great match for a cat friendship.


Source: Buzzsharer

5. Pug

Your pug will not mind sharing his bed with a cat, as long as you don't give the cat more attention than you give him. Pugs are calm and affectionate dogs.


Source: Travel and Leisure

6. Border Collie

The Border collie is arguably the smartest dog breed, and he outsmarts his human on a regular basis. This brain paired with their natural herding instincts makes for a great, amicable friendship with the cat.


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7. Basset Hound

Besides the fact that he can become very jealous if you leave him outside whilst cuddling the cat, he will get along very will with furry friends.


Source: Omlet

8. Beagle

This dog makes a perfect friend for your feline thanks to his small size and calm, consistent temperament.


Source: Pethelpful

9. Golden Retriever

Their friendly smiles that they are so well-known for are not just for show - these dogs love everyone and everything. They will have a lot of patience with cats and get along superbly.


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