800 Dogs Poisoned By City Officials In Pakistan Left Out In The Streets

**Caution Images May Be Too Graphic For Some Viewers**At least 800 dogs are confirmed dead after being poisoned by Karachi authorities in Pakistan in August.This devastating news was accompanied by horrifying images of the incident. City officials claim that the stray dogs in the coastal region were biting citizens, and that was the reason behind the killings.

Source: Reuters

According to Reuters, the Jinnah Hospital in Karachi treated 6,500 people for dog bites last year.The city of more than 20 million awoke on the morning of August 4 to a horrifying spectacle: hundreds of dead dogs lining the streets.Officials filled bits of meat with poison tablets in the early hours of the day in places where the dogs would find them. They claim that they made sure no children would be around.

Source: Reuters

Once the dogs died, their bodies were laid onto the streets for city workers to come by and dispose of them in the backs of trucks.Social media and animal rights activists were obviously horrified by the mass killing, but this is apparently not the first time that this has taken place in Karachi.

Source: Reuters

Several of the organizations concerned took their issue to court begging the judge to put an end to the cruel practice, especially considering that so many more ethical ways of controlling the stray dog population exist, but no decision has been made yet.The Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is on the front lines fighting against this treatment, and if you would like to donate to their cause, click here.

(Cover Image from Reuters) H/t: IB Times