80-Year-Old Loves Animals So Much He Gave Up Peaceful Retirement To Open A Sanctuary

Leslie Robinson's story is as touching as it is inspirational.


This American was 70 years old when he moved to the Himilayas to enjoy a peaceful retirement.

But fate decided otherwise - during his trip, he had a layover in the town of Tiruvannamalai, in the South of India. There, he learnt that local authorities were planning on killing stray dogs to make the streets safer. Completely astounded by this horrible piece of information, Robinson abandoned his initial plan to try and help the animals.



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"I couldn't leave.", he affirmed. So he did what he could to save those dogs. In an interview with The Better India, he said: 


I must have made 100-150 calls between Friday and Monday and finally managed to stop the culling.

The authorities had one condition linked to their cooperation - someone had to take the dogs off the streets. So this father of three children's plan went from staying in the town for ten days, to staying there for the rest of his life, in a matter of days.



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That's how, in 2007, Robinson founded the Arunachal Animal Sanctuary and Rescue Shelter, a sanctuary aimed at taking in abandoned, injured or neglected animals. Today there are nearly 800 animals being cared for in the shelter, as well as 23 full-time employees, of which three are veterinarians, and help from numerous volunteers.


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 For the American, simply taking care of animals in distress was not enough. He progressively started creating sterilisation programs and vaccination campaigns against rabies, as well as opening a 24-hour emergency care service. The sanctuary, originally meant to welcome dogs only, now hosts all sorts of animals.


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 You can follow updates on the Facebook page, where they posted: "in a few weeks, we've had a baby  peacock, cats, cows, goats and 'Alex', a former racehorse." The pensioner goes the extra mile to help these animals get adopted - he's already found a forever home for more than 840 of them.


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Robinson estimates that he's organised over 3600 rescue operations since the opening of the sanctuary, which is able to survive thanks to generous donations from private volunteers. Despite the enormous responsibility of running a shelter and keeping it financially feasible, the American - now 80 years old - doesn't seem to miss his peaceful retirement or regret one moment of his changed plans...

The core of what we do is demonstrative love ‚Äď hugging, touching, stroking, reassuring. Our belief is that deep healing will only take place if the animals feel safe, cared for and loved.


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This incredible initiative needs help to continue caring for animals from all walks of life. Click here to help Leslie Robinson and his team reach their noble goal.


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