80 Horses Are Starving And No-One Is Helping


An estimated 80 horses are currently stranded in a field in Spain, without food or water, reports Easy Horse Care Rescue Center.


Source: EHCRC

Mother horses are too weak to produce milk for their babies and all the horses are starving, their ribs visible. People are trying to figure out how to help them, but it is no easy task as there is no rescue center in the area that can take that many horses at once. Some kind people have dropped off bales of hay, but the long-term solution is yet to be found.



Source: EHCRC

Locals first reported the horses to the police on November 25, and the local animal rescue has visited the field twice since then, but a formal decision has not yet been made.


Source: EHCRC

And time is running out.Koren Helbig from the EHCRC told The Dodo:

Police would receive official reports of abuse and neglect, would agree that the case warranted action, but would be unwilling/unable to act as there was simply nowhere to place such a big animal after a legal seizure.

Source: EHCRC

Sue Weeding, co-founder of EHCRC, who moved to Spain from England in 2001, said in a report:

We just feel so frustrated. If we had the money and the facilities, we would be there in a heartbeat. I would do anything to get those horses out. But we need help. We need funding. We need space. If we had that, we could and would do it immediately.

The shelter already has 99 other horses in its care, but offered to take in two of the starving animals. The EHCRC continued their report, saying:

Three foals are reportedly so thin they can barely stand up. The other 60-odd horses appear to be in better condition but are being kept in filthy stables, constantly standing in their own faeces.

Source: EHCRC

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