8 Super Ways To Celebrate International Dog Day


International Dog Day takes place this year on August 26. It gives us humans the perfect opportunity to show our furry best friends just how much we love them, as well as celebrating the special relationship that's existed between human and canine since the dawn of time.

This event began in the US and is supported by a great many dog rights organisations, such as the International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW), who use this date to call for an improvement in living conditions for dogs all over the world.


Source : @TheDogist

The goal of a day just for our four-footed friends is to raise awareness about the number of dogs that have either been abandoned or are waiting for an adoptive family, as well as the importance of getting them the best possible treatment.

With this in mind, we invite you to make some kind of gesture, however small it may be, to make the most of this day and help make a pup just a little bit happier.

Here are eight suggestions of some ways to make the most of August 26 this year:

1. Adopt a dog from a rescue shelter in your local area.


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2. Make a donation of food, toys or even blankets to a dog rescue shelter or organisation. 


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3. Organise a party for all your friends with dogs so your pups can enjoy the day together!


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4. Make sure there's nothing dangerous in your house that your dog could get his paws on. Dogproof his everyday surroundings. 


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5. Give your pup a gift - maybe a new toy, a biscuit, a treat... 


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6. Take your dog somewhere he can have fun, run around and work off some energy. 


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7. Offer to help out at a local dog protection organisation. 


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8. Give your dog a long massage.


Source : @TheDogist

Every little thing counts when it comes to looking after man's best friend. If you can do even one of these eight suggestions, you can be sure that you've improved the life of at least one ball of fluff!