8 Situations That Only Parents With A Dog And A Baby Will Get


1. Having a dog is not the same as having a baby!


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Your friends might claim to know what it's like to have a baby because they've got a dog, that dogs also require many sacrifices and that "at the end of the day, it's one and the same."

You might stop yourself (or not) from retorting that while a baby requires constant attention, all a dog needs is his daily nap... And he already sleeps 18 hours a day! What's more, you can leave your dog alone when you go to the supermarket. And even if you take him with you, he won't throw a tantrum if you don't buy him an ice cream! In short, hardly the same thing.

 2.When the baby came, someone told you to get rid of your dog.


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Either your mom, your uncle, your cousin, your colleague or your neighbour tried to convince you that it's not a good idea to have a dog and a newborn in the same house, mainly for safety reasons...


You kept being told that, while they're super cute, dogs are still animals and therefore unpredictable. So you nodded, feigning agreement... Then you simply taught your baby to be gentle with the pup so you could prove your (sometimes too) helpful loved ones wrong.


 3. It's not all fun and games.


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Admittedly, from this point onwards your social media is full of adorable snapshots of your baby and his new best pup friend cuddling. But there are some much less glamorous moments that you wouldn't dare share on the internet.


Like when your sweetiepie grabs your fluffball's tail and suffers the consequences... Or when your dog chooses the exact moment your baby finally falls asleep to start barking, causing chaos all through the house. And we're pretty sure you don't take selfies when you're busy wiping up the soaked floor after your baby knocked over the doggy bowl (or the other way around).



4. Nothing grosses you out anymore


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Poop is now a normal conversation topic, especially at home. "Has he done a poop today?" is a daily question that applies to the baby as well as the dog! In the meantime, you've also gotten used to the vomit of your two angels and retrieving all sorts of chewed up messes from their mouths.

5. You've given up your fierce fight against germs...


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In the beginning you're on constant red alert to keep your dog from licking the baby's bottle, or your baby from nibbling the dog's toys. As a precaution, you would spend hours cleaning both of them.

But one day, exhausted, you give in: you don't stop your dog from licking your baby in any case... And it helps that your baby stops crying every time the dog offers him a chewed-up ball! Your parents, however, will always be horrified by your indifference when it comes to hygiene.

6. You have no idea what "proper" family photos are.


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It's already difficult to get your baby to stop flailing about and just look at the lens, but now you've got a dog on the side too - hopeless! Forget about a photo where everyone is looking at the camera, just hope for one where the dog isn't caught doing his business or blocking your entire family!

7. Your dog actually helps you to clean up after (and during) a meal ...


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So your baby hasn't finished his meal? He has toppled half the food over the side of his chair? Your pup will be only too happy to help! Within seconds, your table and your floor are as good as new.


8. Your child will know unconditional love.


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As long as your dog lies next to your napping baby, or your child shares his favourite cookie with the pup, you completely forget about all the other worries. You realise how lucky your little one is to grow up close to man's best friend... From early on, he'll know that love is pure, simple, selfless and unconditional. And that's all that counts!


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