8 Photos That Prove Cats Are The Most Stubborn Creatures In The World


If you live with a cat, you've probably offered them a few gifts from time to time... After all, you love making your beloved feline friendhappy.But whether it's a new basket, a cat treeor some exciting toys, they're never really that interested, are they?No, what he prefers is the packaging of the present. Or sometimes, she'll just sit right next to it pretending not to notice it. We're right, aren't we?Here's proof in 8 photos that your cat really is the most stubborn creature in the world:

1. When you've just bought her a basket, but your head is way more comfortable apparently.


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2. Or he prefers the dog's bed to his own...


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3. And there's no way he's moving...


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4. Maybe sometimes they just don't understand the concept.


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5. This cat prefers the box his present came in.


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6. And it seems he's not the only cat with this idea...


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7. This cat definitely has no idea what that's meant for.


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8. Cats prefer human objects to their own, it seems.


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Does this remind you of a certain someone?

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