8 Months Of Probation For The Man Who Cruelly Tortured Athena, The Dog Who Was Buried Alive

On Wednesday June 29, the torturer of Athena, the dog who was buried alive and rescued just in time last August, was given a suspended sentence of eight months of probationby the Versailles criminal court.The ruling comes fourth months after Athena's death. She passed away peacefully, safe in her forever home on February 19.The 21-year-old man who was found guilty has never admitted to the deed. Yet his version of the facts is hardly believable: his claims that Athena escaped their home seem very unlikely considering the dog's old age and the osteoarthritis she was suffering from.


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More than 540,000 people seeking justice

The news of Athena's story quickly spread around the world after Pedro Dinis, the Dogue de Bordeaux's rescuer,shared her story on social media. Almost 543,000 people signeda French petition demanding the maximum sentence for the dog's torturer.


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A dog who put up a real fight

It is truly shocking to hear whatAthena's torturer did to her. When Pedro Dinis pulled Athenaout of the ground in the outskirts of Paris on August 1 2015, the poor dog was on the brink of death. In a state of shock, she was suffering from hypothermia and was severely dehydrated.In what can only be described as a monstrous act of cruelty, her torturer had even tied her to the ground with a bag of gravel so that she had no chance of escape.


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Luckily, she was taken immediately to the vet clinic V24 in Levallois-Perret, Paris, where the vets took great care of her.Jean-Pierre and Raymonde Delfosse, the founders of a charity called SOS Dogue de Bordeaux, wanted to offer her a new life, full of all the love she so desperately deserved.The pup sadly met her end in February due to the two cancerous tumours she had been suffering from.


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The torturer will not be allowed to own a dog for at least five years, as dictated byVersailles criminal court.

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