8 Key Canine Emotions And How Your Pooch Will Show You


Dogs all seem to have their own personalities, full of different emotions. But despite their complexities, according to author Stanley Coren who wroteSecrets de Chiens (Secrets of Dogs), they have the emotional range of about a toddler.While they would like us to believe they're guilty or jealous, most of their emotions are more basic than that. Here are the 8 main ones and how to recognize them:

1. Happy



A happy dog makes himself known. His tail will be wagging, his tongue might be out and he will be showing you his belly for some loving caresses.

2. Afraid


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Frightened canines will have their ears pushed back and dilated pupils. A scared pooch will have low body language and be prepared to flee at any moment.

3. Disgust


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Dogs know exactly what they like and dislike when it comes to tastes. For them, a good taste means something that's edible and bad taste means something is most likely poisonous. While this isn't necessarily 100% accurate, their senses are well developed in this regard.

4. Shy


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Despite their stereotypically jovial behaviors, plenty of dogs have their shy moments. If your pup is trying to hide behind you, that's an obvious sign, but it could be more subtle like taking his time to meet new people or with his ears tilted back.

5. Anxious


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Stressful situations like going to the vet, or car rides for some dogs, can make them seem distant. Your dog might avoid eye contact, pace, lick his chops or tremble.

6. Excited


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Like a happy dog, an excited dog will make himself known. Whether it's time for a walk or he just got a new toy, your dog will show you how excited he is by running around in circles, barking and wagging his tail.

7. Angry


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An angry dog will be tense, with his eyes back or turned forward. He might be growling or barking, showing his teeth, sure signs that he's not a happy camper.

8. Loving


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Dogs are known for their loyalty, and they are the most loving animals imaginable. Your pooch will show you he loves you by licking your face, jumping excitingly when you come through the door and asks you to pet him.


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Though when you catch him on the couch he's not supposed to be on or he broke your favorite vase, it may seem like he's feeling guilty, but really it's just another sign of fear. He doesn't want to get punished for what he did. The more you know!Whatever they're feeling, we know your pooch is your favorite companion!

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