8 Hilarious Ways Your Life Has Changed Since Adopting A Four-Legged Companion


How could you ever resist adopting a dog? Your new best friend is your cuddle-companion, exercise-buddy and the cutest little munchkin on earth!But have you ever thought about how your life has changed since your dog was introduced to your home?Did your sofa always look like that? Maybeyour meals are shared around a bit more?A funny dog parent has illustrated the ways in which our lives change when Fido comes home in his blog Maimaijohn. John shares his life with his best friend MaiMai, a gorgeous Golden Retriever.Here are 8 photos that prove how things have shifted a bit at home since your puppy arrived (and we love them all the more for it!):

1. Your favourite soft toys are more loved than ever before.


2. Meal times are for sharing now...


3. The only photos on your camera roll are adorable snaps of your dog!


4. Hanging out with your mates can wait, but going to the park definitely can't!


5. Your car might be a little muddier but car rides are way more fun now!


6. There's no price tag limit to making your puppy happy.


7. You learn to keep a cool head when things go pear-shaped...


8. And coming back home has never been nicer, because he'll always be there to welcome you.


How has your life changed since you adopted your four-legged friend? Don't hesitate to comment below!

Featured image: @Maimaijohn