8 Essential Guidelines For Welcoming Home An Adopted Dog


Taking a dog home from the shelter is not easy task.To ensure that your ball of fur immediately feels at home and feels confident in his new environment, you cannot leave anythingto chance. It is important to prepare for his arrival.Being organized will allow your pup to experiencethe love and care in his home from the get-go, as well as facilitate in his training.Here are the 8 essential steps to follow if you want to give your dog the best home possible.

Before you pet's arrival 

1. Carefully choose the moment


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The first impression that your pup will have of his new home will condition his evolution in the family.If you adopt a puppy, bear in mind that he must have left his mother as well as his siblings, and will generally feel a little lonely.To avoid this sadness, give him a lot of time and attention in the first few days. It's better to adopt a puppy during your holiday period or to take a few days off work to make him comfortable.

2. Mark out his space


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Decide beforehand which part of the house or apartment will be dedicated to the new family member. Choose a calm and easily accessible spot, and avoid doorways.Make sure that there is no potential danger for the pup, such as electric cables, open windows, hazardous chemicals or sharp objects. Corridors are usually recommended, as your pup will be in a safe space but will know where you are at all times.In his spot, you can put his bed, blanket and toys. Decide on a second spot in the house to put his food and water.

3. Prepare his toys


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Toys are vital to his physical development and education, as well as the bonding in your relationship. In the beginning, have two or three toys ready - toys that don't have sharp edges or hard material. Rubber toys are the safest option.

4. Choose a leash and a collar


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Hypoallergenic nylon is a winning material for both the leash and the collar and is easy to clean. Rather take one size bigger for the collar, as your pup will likely grow into it. For the leash, opt for a roll-up one, which allows for easier control of your dog's walking habits. Train him on a leash from as early on as possible.

His arrival 

5. Be available 


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Once your pet is home, give him a lot of time and care. He will feel lost and need your affection. This is the stage where the link between your two will develop.6. Let him explore 

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He may stick his snout everywhere, smell everything and look around the whole house. Your dog needs to do this in order to familiarize himself with his new environment, so let him be.7. Comfort him 

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Your new pet will probably cry from loneliness or fear during the first few days. Comfort him, hug him and talk to him during this time, so that he know he's safe. But don't go overboard either; this will encourage his insecurities.8. Educate him 


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Teach him the rules of the house as soon as he arrives - to do his business outside, even if this will take some time and many mistakes!Other rules include not jumping on guests, not stealing food and not destroying objects in the house. Your instruction should be consistent and firm, but never violent.In respecting these simple guidelines, you can rest assured that your pup is coming home to the best, safest and most loving family who will fulfill all his needs and help him to be the best dog he can be.