70 000 Dogs Are Being Brutally Slaughtered And Sold To Unsuspecting Tourists And Nobody Is Talking About It


A shock inquiry carried out by an investigator from Animals Australia (AA) which exposed the dog meat trade in Bali, Indonesia, was recently aired on ABC's 7.30 program. They discovered that 70,000 dogs a year are killed for their meat and are often sold to unwitting tourists who believe that they are eating chicken.

Source: Animals Australia

The investigation took place over four months and the undercover journalist, whose alias is 'Luke', was armed with only the most basic equipment to carry out his expose: a handheld camera and a scooter.The sale and consumption of dog meat are not illegal in Bali, but it is illegal to kill animals in a cruel manner and to sell meat tainted with poison, a method often employed by hunters to kill dogs.'Luke' described the ordeal of following dog hunters for months to 7.30:

I have trained myself to cope with cruelty, but nothing prepared me for the brutal catching of dogs in a village. I focussed on my camera work but it was absolutely gut-wrenching to hear these dogs voice their sense of betrayal. They were literally screaming and wailing in terror and sorrow.

Source: Animals Australia

Particularly disturbing were dog meat vendors interactions with tourists, in which they would lie about the origin of the food that they were selling, leading plenty of them to consume dog meat without knowing.Campaign director for the AA, Lyn White explained:

Tourists will walk down a street, they’ll see a street store selling satay but what they are not realizing is the letters RW on the store mean it is dog meat being served. They’re just sitting down ordering satay have no idea that they’re eating dog.

Source: Animals Australia

This cruel trade is carried out by street vendors and restaurants alike and represents a growing problem in Bali.The ever increasing western influence has brought with it the idea that eating meat brings status. Some locals also believe that dog meat has health benefits, such as men's virility, increasing its popularity even further.[caption id="attachment_22440" align="alignnone" width="802"]

A dog examining a fish head laced with cyanide Source: Animals Australia[/caption]However, the methods used to kill dogs for this trade are often cruel and inhumane and include beating and bludgeoning. Many hunters also used cyanide-lacedfood items to poison dogs, raising concerns about the safety of the meat, which may contain remnants of the toxic substance.Shockingly, the AA investigation has uncovered that seven times more dogs are killed in Bali for their meat than at China's Yulin Dog Eating Festival.Luckily, in other countries such as South Korea and China, the number of citizens who eat dog meat is on the decline. But the fight does not end here - we need to keep on campaigning until the trade is outlawed completely.To sign the petition to end the slaughter of thousands of innocent dogs in Bali, click here.To find out more about this shocking investigation, watch the full 7.30 report below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLcec-fWUa4[/embed]

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