7 Things To Consider Before Sharing Your Bed With Your Dog


Opinions are often divided as to whether or not you should let your dog sleep with you. Forget the kennel, dog bed, and even sofa, some pooches sleep on feather down duvets. But if your pupdeserves the best, then why not, right?


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It may sounds like heaven having a snuggle in bed with your dog and dozing off with them. Wake up in the morning to more dog cuddles and kisses, bliss. In reality, it might not be all that. So we just wanted to make you aware of 7 consequences of sharing your bed with your pup... The good, the bad, and the ugly.

1. Dogs help you relax


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It's proven that a snuggle with your dog helps you relax. So if you have trouble sleeping, or with anxiety, then having your dog in bed with you may aid a better night's sleep. Some say it's therapeutic to hear their dog's heavy breathing, and it helps them nod off.

2. And they keep you nice and warm


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No wonder they help you relax and feel all cosy. Dogs' body temperatures are usually about three to six degrees warmer than a human's.And that extra heat sure feels good. Save money on heating and electricity from your own personal electric blanket - your pup!

3. Dogs make you feel safe


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Having a dog in bed with you may make you feel more secure. Not everyone likes sleeping alone,soperhaps having your pup at the end of your bed, with ears certainly more alert than yours, will make you feel safer and lend to a better a night's sleep.

4. Disturbances in the middle of your sleep

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Having said that, our canine friend's acute awareness to sounds or movements may also mean barking in the middle of the night. Have you thoughtabout the early morning slurp from the water bowl or that howl whenhehears a fox rifling through the rubbish binoutside?You might want to invest in some earplugs.

5. Pets in bed can aggravate allergies and asthma


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Sharing your bed with your pup may aggravate allergies or asthma. Particularly in the pollen season during the summer, if your dog has been running around the park and gets into your bed later that night, get ready to sneeze.Also, if your dog may have ticks or fleas, you don't really want that getting in your clean bed sheets. Let alone your own hair and skin!

6. Treating your dog to your bed may cause behavioural issues


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If you allow your dog to sleeping in bed with you, it may become quite spoilt. This couldcomplicate dominance or aggression issues in some dogs who think they can reign in a household where they are allowed to go anywhere they please.Instead of letting your dog jump onto your bed whenever they like, you should invite them up so they know you are the one in control.

7. They may cause some strain on your love life...


Source: @PinterestYup, we did mention 'the ugly'. Some say dogs are worse for your love life than children! What happens when you want some alone time with your partner? You may think you can shut your bedroom door, but if your dog is used to being inbed with the both of you, he will feel very left out. Scratching at the door or whiningwill put a real dampener on any romance you had in mind!

A special alternative

If your dog spends most of his day lounging on his own special dog bed in the kitchen, then it may be nice for him to get used to sleeping there too. It's good for dogs to feel like they have a spot which is completely theirs. And did we mention how cosy they can be?

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One thing's for sure that we wouldn't forget to mention - it'll sure make your pup happy to share your bed! But do consider these pointers, as your sleep is very important in order to lead a healthy life. Whether your dog improves it or disturbs it depends on you and your canine friend :)

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