7 Photos Of Dogs Who Are Seriously Unconvinced By Their Humans

We're sure every human has experienced that moment with his four-legged friend.He looks at you and you can just imagine what he's thinking: "Seriously?"Well, German photographer Elke Vogelsang has captured exactly that moment in her photos forDogs questioning the photographer's sanity, a collection ofcandid bloopers taken during many different doggy photoshoots.Vogelsang says that pets are her main inspiration and her favourite subject to shoot. Her three Spanish rescue dogs, Noodles, Scout and Ioli, make frequent appearances in her photos. She says:

They are my inspiration and joy. One can not ask for better animal companions. I am very grateful that I have them. 

Enjoy herbeautiful photos of these dogs who just don't know what to think!

1. Questioning the photographer's sanity


Source: @ElkeVogelsang

2. What?


Source: @ElkeVogelsang

3. "Yeah, right!"


Source: @ElkeVogelsang

4. Are you looking at me?


Source: @ElkeVogelsang

5. "Sorry, Noodles, I ate all your Halloween candy."


Source: @ElkeVogelsang

6. Give me patience!


Source: @ElkeVogelsang

7. Timber is slightly concerned I might have gone mad


Source: @ElkeVogelsang

Just like us here at The Holidog Times, Vogelsang advocates adoption for those who are seeking a furry friend. She continues: "Perhaps you'll find your long-sought treasure. I was certainly able to find mine there."Check out more of Vogelsang's gorgeous animal photographyon 500pxand Facebook.